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Recent Published Papers

Cowling M, Wilson N, Kacer M, Nightingale P. 2023. The hazards of delivering a public loan guarantee scheme: An analysis of borrower and lender characteristics.International Small Business Journal.

Kacer M, Duboisee De Ricquebourg A, Peel MJ, Wilson N. 2023. Audit market measures in audit pricing studies: The issue of mechanical correlation.  European Accounting Review.

Cowling M, Wilson N. 2023. Does inflation trigger early repayment on Covid-19 UK guaranteed loans?.  Applied Economics Letters. 

Cowling M, Nightingale P, Wilson N. 2023. Covid-19 Lending Support and Regional Levelling Up: Evidence from UK Loan Guarantee Schemes.  Regional Studies. 

Cowling M, Wilson N, Nightingale P, Kacer M. 2022. Predicting future default on the Covid-19 bounce back loan scheme: The £46.5 billion question.  International Small Business Journal. 40(5), pp. 650-666 

Amini S, Mohamed A, Schwienbacher A, Wilson N. 2022. The Impact of Venture Capital Holding on the Firms Life-cycle: Evidence from IPO Firms.  Journal of Corporate Finance. 

Wilson N, Amini S, Wright M. 2022. Determining the Characteristics of the Private Equity Targets: UK Evidence.  British Journal of Management.  33(1), pp. 138-159 

Meuleman M, Wilson N, Wright M, Neckebrouck J. 2022. When the going gets tough: Private equity firms’ role as agents and the resolution of financial distress in buyouts.  Journal of Small Business Management.  60(3), pp. 513-540 

Wilson N, Uddin M, Wright M. 2022. Exporting by Private Equity-Backed Portfolio Companies. British Journal of Management.  33(1), pp. 266-285 

Estrin S, Mickiewicz T, Wilson N. 2021. An Appreciation of the Research Career of Mike Wright (1952-2019).  Foundations and Trends in Entrepreneurship.  17(7), pp. 651-765 

Toms S, Wilson N, Wright M. 2020. Innovation, intermediation, and the nature of entrepreneurship: A historical perspective.  Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal.14(1), pp. 105-121 

Meuleman M, Wilson N, Wright M, Neckebrouk J. 2020. Private equity firms’ role as agents and the resolution of financial distress in buyouts.  Journal of Small Business Management.